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Stages of developing of an automated trading strategy

There are several steps from the initial idea for some rules that the trader thinks could be profitable to the moment when we start trader on a live account with these rules. During of process of testing normally we change and optimize some parameters. After we have a profitable Forex trading robot based on In-Sample data, we check if the equity curve and profit indicator in Out-of-Sample data are like these ones in the In-Sample part.

How to start trading forex with robots

You can see several cases, but only a trading robot can test all cases and give you a result of what will happen if those rules were applied in the past. The most simple way is to use a trading platform that has integrated robots support.

Algotrading and trading advisors: their pros and cons

Expert Advisors are software programmed to perform actions in response to certain triggers. Algotrading and Expert Advisors are directly related to each other, as they are based on technical analysis, mathematical models, and statistics.


While literally every other company on Earth is throwing all sorts of free benefits to attract developers , Slack found developer communities growing like a weed on it, and flicked them away like so much dandruff.
I think the Apollo program is the pinnacle of human achievement so far, I would say, and this perfect example of this mixture of, like, amazing humans required to do this, amazing hardware to get them there, and amazing software.