EURUSD Expert Advisors

Expert advisor name Descripton Profit in points Trades
3412450 (EURUSD) 3412450 1149.6 84
MillionDollar (EURUSD) The system uses several price level rules and fibo for exit. 735 78
MPower (EURUSD) Friday trader. 637.2 47
KeltnerTr (EURUSD) The expert advisor uses Keltner channel for entry and stoploss , takeprofit and stop to BE for exit.It uses relatively low stoploss - only 120 points. 630.7 46
3412452 (EURUSD) 3412452 344.6 29
BarTrader (EURUSD) Shifted daily range breakout system. 240.3 90
InfinityTrades (EURUSD) Compares current price to open 9 days ago to enter the market. 212.7 95
3412463 (EURUSD) 3412463 164.8 28
Hrizantema (EURUSD) Negative fibo trader. 148.4 25
3412446 (EURUSD) 3412446 44.6 65
FXT (EURUSD) The expert advisor uses daily bar data to open and close trades.Also there is stoploss, takeprofit and tralingstop. -2.7 15

Above is the list of expert advisors that are working with EURUSD. They are sorted by total profit in points. EURUSD is the most important cross in forex. It has the biggest liquidity and the lowest spread. The euro is affected by much more news compared to the dollar, because of the number of countries in the union. The pair is one of the most traded, but it is still one of the hardest to predict. The low costs for trading this pair allows creating various types of expert advisors- range, trend, intraday, carry trade, scalp, and others.

The EURUSD expert advisors have executed 602 trades total with a summary output of 4305 points.

Choosing the right money management for the expert advisor
Choosing the right money management for the expert advisor
Life of an expert advisor
Life of an expert advisor
One expert advisor or portfolio ?
One expert advisor or portfolio ?