Top 20 forex robots

The top 20 forex robots list, doesn't necessarily represent the best from the database but it shows the most stable expert advisors during a long period of time. Even if we see how they perform now, we can't know how they will perform in the future. The best approach remains the diversification and not betting on one horse. You need several expert advisors in order to get better and more stable results. Choosing more than 10 will smooth the equity curve significantly and even if several fail, the result still will be profitable. Check carefully the parameters, what is the average expectancy for a trade, and how much trades are done. Also, have in mind that all the trading robots have more than 2 years backtest with good results. Some of the robots may have digits instead of names, or missing descriptions. This doesn't mean that there is something wrong with them, just that information is still not put in the database.

Expert advisor name Descripton Profit in points Trades
Cable Trader (GBPUSD) cable-trader-description 2788.4 154
Mega Trader (USDJPY) mega-trader-description 1859.8 131
FTL 15 (USDJPY) ftl-15-expert-advisor 1679.4 106
MPower (EURUSD) mpower-expert-advisor 1183.1 87
FxRobotA (USDJPY) The expert advisor uses fibo level 38.2 to open position.It uses shooting star or hammer candle pattern for exit. It also can exit by stoploss takeprofit, trailingstop and stop to BE. 1139.4 118
iChi (EURUSD) ichi-description 1055.4 87
LongKHeken (AUDCAD) The EA uses keltner channel and heken ashi for entry signal.There is no exit signal. The system exits at stoploss or takeprofit. There is also trailingstop logic implemented.The system will close a position after 89 hours if sl and tp are not reached. 899.9 52
3800053 (AUDCAD) 3800053 897.6 107
3800186 (AUDCAD) 3800186 886.1 83
DayTrader (EURUSD) daytrader-description 854.1 87
3800061 (AUDCAD) 3800061 832.2 57
3800202 (AUDCAD) 3800202 826.5 85
3800209 (AUDCAD) 3800209 794.1 86
3800087 (AUDCAD) 3800087 721.3 129
3412446 (EURUSD) 3412446 586.7 122
3800100 (AUDCAD) 3800100 566.4 98
3812349 (AUDCAD) 3812349 561.9 33
3800148 (AUDCAD) 3800148 538.5 105
Forex Ray (EURUSD) The expert advisor uses bulls and bears power indicators for short and long signals. 537.7 135
3800150 (AUDCAD) 3800150 507.4 84

Above is the list of top 20 expert advisors in the data base.They are sorted by profit in points. The symbol and the timeframe are displayed right from the Epert Advisor name.You can click on the name to see the expert advisor details.

The top 20 forex robots have executed 1946 trades total with a summary output of 19715.9 points. Not always the best performers in the top 20 will give the best performance in the future. They can be there just because they are old, or even they can stop working. It is much better to choose the expert advisors by the stability of the equity curve and the expectancy (average profit in points for every trade). Also when looking at the expectancy you must consider the fact that some instruments are with bigger value and their expectancy may look better just because of that. When choosing a portfolio of expert advisors make sure you select as many currency pairs as possible. Choosing several trading robots for one currency pair is bad.They may look good but they can also be from the same type - trend or range, and they can result in bigger DD when combined. Choosing more currency pairs will bring more diversification in the portfolio.

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Subscription for All FXZig expert advisors for Meta Trader 4
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