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4000 pips profit in the last one year on Live account

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Cable Trader is a Metatrader4 / 5 trading robot designed for swing trading. The trading lots are adjustable so you can set them to the appropriate values for the account. The expert advisor is searching for relatively big movements (hundreds of pips) which makes it weakly susceptible to wider brokers’ spread. The expert advisor is using small 10 bars backward range breakout to enter the market. It is using stop-loss, take-profit, stop loss to break even, and trailing stop to exit the market. It can have only one position at a time and is trading with a fixed lot without money management. There is no averaging, no multiplication, and no risk accumulation. The trading robot has over 5 years of successful backtest since 2012 and almost 1-year Forward test. This trading advisor uses a only fixed lot and does not use any average loss or martingale logic (there is always just one open position simultaneously).

The expert advisor is not making positions too often. Statistically, it makes 1 position every 2.5 days. There are periods when it is holding a position for 2 weeks, and there are situations when it is making 2-3 trades intraday. The expert advisor has a protective stop loss of 435 points. This is a relatively big value, but GBPUSD has huge volatility. So in theory when you calculate your risk, you must choose lots that can hold 2 stops in a row without making too big damage to your account. As we always say - don't take too big risks, forex is a marathon, not a sprint.

Cable trader generates almost 6700 pips since 2018. The profit factor is 1.90 from almost 300 trades.

Cable Tr forex trading robot

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Our result *141333623.66


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