FXZIG fixed grid

The fixed grid is the most common grid. We call it fixed because it opens position every X points from the previous position. In huge trends, this is bad, because the positions will appear too quickly and will never be as stable as expanding grids. But on the other hand, this means much more profits and much often closing in the non-trend market, which is 90% of the time. With such a system, you must be much more careful about which instrument you choose and how your capital is distributed - the points distance and position capital growth. If you choose a currency pair where there trends up to 1000 points without correction you may have a problem. Check how are performing most of the currency pairs and choose the ones with the smallest and most rear trends.

FXZig fixed grid


Brokers for the expert advisor

*Subscribers can use the EA in any broker

EnableBuyPositions  - true/false

EnableSellPositions  - true/false

StartLot = 0.01 (or other valid number)

Distance = 20  (bigger or smaller value)

MaxPositions =20 (number of positions when the system will stop opening more positions and will wait for correction or for you to handle the situation manually)

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