Subscription for All FXZig expert advisors for Meta Trader 4


With one subscription you can use all FXZig expert advisors in the list below. You can subscribe here (14 days free trial) and create your expert advisor portfolio. For the advantages of having a portfolio of Expert advisors (trading robots), you can read here.

The price of FxZig subscription is 25 USD (without VAT) per month.

Subscribe (14 days free trial)

FXZig will add regularly additional Expert expert advisors which again will be available with the same subscription. If you have already downloaded expert advisors and for a certain reason, FXZig removes them from the website site, the expert advisors still will be active and you can continue to use them with the same subscription. 

Available Expert advisors with FxZig Subscription:

Cable Trader (GBPUSD) 



FxRobotA (USDJPY) 

iChi (EURUSD) 

DayTrader (EURUSD)