CableTr (GBPUSD)


CableTr is a trading robot designed for swing trading. The expert advisor is searching for relatively big movements (hundreds of pips) which makes it weakly susceptible to wider brokers’ spread. The expert advisor is using small 10 bars backward range breakout to enter the market. It is using stop-loss, take-profit, stop loss to break even, and trailing stop to exit the market. It can have only one position at a time and is trading with a fixed lot without money management. The trading robot has over 5 years of successful backtest since 2012 and almost 1-year Forward test. This trading advisor uses a only fixed lot and does not use any average loss or martingale logic (there is always just one open position simultaneously).

Period H1
Current market position Long position
Trades 127
Profit in points 2993
Profit per trade (in points) 23.57
Brokers Also, keep in mind that the spread of different brokers is different and this can also affect the final result. We recommend Pepperstone and Alpari for our experts.

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Expert advisor CableTr info

The results shown for expert advisor CableTr for GBPUSD are achieved using a demo account. The demo environment does not have slippage or real market spreads and can have different results compared to real trading. Results from different brokers can vary significantly due to different spreads, swaps, execution, and others. The expert advisor is designed for demo and test purposes only. Trading foreign exchange with leverage and expert advisors caries a high level of risk, and maybe not good for all traders. We strongly recommend using this expert advisor only for demo and test purposes.

It is always a good practice to wait until expert advisors make enough for good statistics. We recommend more than 30 trades.

Profit per trade (in points) represents the expectancy for the expert advisor. The current result of 23.57 means that according to the statistics, this must be the average result of every new trade.

The expert advisor is free, but there is a key that expires every 30 days. You can copy it from the table in this expert advisor table. You can take the new key for it anytime you want, and it will give you 30 more days.

If there is a long flat line at the end of the chart this can mean that the expert advisor is not trading for a long period, or it is disabled.